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In one of nature's innovations, a single cell smashes and rebuilds its own genome

Even a single cell can pack a few surprises. The pond-dwelling, single-celled organism Oxytricha trifallax has the remarkable ability to break its own DNA into nearly a quarter-million pieces and rapidly reassemble those pieces when it's time to mate, a study led by Princeton researchers found.
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Conservation versus innovation in the fight against antibiotic resistance

Maintaining effective antibiotics means conserving existing drugs, but people have little incentive to use antibiotics wisely, a Princeton researcher writes. Proposed increases in public subsidies for new antibiotics should be matched by greater spending on conserving existing antibiotics.
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Meteorology researchers help decision-makers better understand, evaluate tropical cyclone risk

Researchers at Florida Tech have been evaluating the NHC’s Tropical Cyclone Wind Probability Forecast Product and developing a tool that helps decision-makers better understand and evaluate weather risks, which will help them better prepare for dangerous weather and, ultimately, save lives.

New study finds that objectification in romantic relationships is related to sexual pressure and coercion

While objectification has long been considered a problem in the media, how does it affect individual romantic relationships? New researchfinds that more objectification of a female partner’s body is related to higher incidents of sexual pressure and coercion.

Mapping the binding interactions between two molecular chaperones implicated in human disease

Molecular chaperones are proteins utilized by cells to maintain internal balance. These proteins affect a variety of cellular processes and their mechanism of action is vital to understanding their function. We studied a specific interaction in detail and provided an atomic-level description.
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Hurricane Scientists Bring a New Wave of Technology to Improve Forecasts

The 2014 hurricane season will provide AOML with an opportunity to test some of the most advanced and innovative technologies.